Top 7 Best Cheap Projector Under 100 In 2023

With the everyday inflation and rise of the poverty line, everything is becoming expensive nowadays, and getting your demand fulfilled with satisfactory quality isn’t too easy to come by.

Henceforth, finding a decent value in the return on your investment is nothing but a dream. Since it is obvious not everyone has some spare cash lying around in their backyard.

But hey, who said that if you are on a budget you can’t have fun, just like everyone else? Having your life spent from paycheck to paycheck might not sound like fun but there are still some workarounds.

Such workarounds include finding the right products which are not only cheap but fulfill all your needs making them super versatile.

List Of Top 7 Cheap Projectors Under 100

Speaking of super cheap and versatile, today, I have curated the perfect recipe for the best cheap projector under 100 dollars which most probably won’t break the bank, no matter how much short on the green beans you are.

So if by any lucky chance, you are looking to commit your hard-earned cash to cheap projectors, don’t waste your time elsewhere and keep on reading this article, to enlighten yourself.

And trust me, all of the reviewed projectors I have listed below have been thoroughly tested by myself, because I believe in trial and error before forming a conclusion, so you don’t end up wasting your money by committing the wrong investment.

Still, reading? Good, take a peek below!

1: CiBest Video Projector (Best Cheap Projector Under 100)


Super slim and compact, this mini projector by CiBest is an amazing multimedia device that has a decent contrast ratio and supports both analog and digital connections.

This bad boy can boast a 1080p resolution which has a super crisp quality and doesn’t look frail at all because of the contrast ratio of 6000:1. 

The projector has diffusion reflection technology which means the light particle is scattered in many different angles rather than one spot, causing the image and video output to appear softer, minimizing blemishes if the input quality isn’t good enough.

However, some might argue the contrast ratio might fall beneath the average requirement to deliver a decent color output, I believe, for such a price point it is more than you can ask for.

And to be honest, under the right conditions such as having the blinds turned on, the projection looks pretty gorgeous with vibrant broad spectrum colors.

Moreover, to further enhance the convenience for its customers, a small and nifty machine can stretch its imagery from 30 inches to 200 inches which is marvelous, while having a throw distance of 2.62 ft to 14.8ft in terms of respective screen size.

The installation is pretty simple too since it doesn’t take up much of the space, you can also use the 15-degree keystone correction to fix any alignment issues you might have.

You might be thinking, all of this hardware packed in such a small casing, the heat production must be pretty high, well, to counter that issue, this all-in-one projector comes with an intelligent cooling system that dissipates heat through its vents.

And for my budget buddies, this projector is surely a treat because it comes with decent-sized internal speakers which might not give off 7.1 auditory sensations but still do the job very well.

But if that doesn’t intrigue your attention, then you can connect your external speakers through the 3.5mm jack available at the back along with other different ports like HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB.

Speaking of connectivity, it also supports a wide array of gaming devices such as Playstation 4, Xbox, laptops, and desktops, so if you are a gamer on a budget, this projector sounds like an optimal option.

  • Keystone technology
  • Intelligent cooling system
  • Builtin speakers
  • Lacks WIFI support

2: Auking Mini Portable Video-Projector


The word “King” in Auking isn’t just for the show but it most certainly serves as a title for being a king among cheap projectors.

It is a cheap, revised version of its predecessor, which has gotten a complete overhaul in its machinery to better suit its consumer without leaving out the best parts.

The 1080p resolution output of this mini projector has neat and well-rounded quality without being too hazy and will no doubt keep you captivated with its 2000:1 contrast ratio.

The LED light source delivers incredible imagery which looks clearer even if you zoom into it, which is an attribute you might not see in other projectors.

Since I am incredibly lazy, setting up projectors can take a hefty toll on me, but setting up this mini projector was most certainly a breeze. It is incredibly amazing, small, and easy to use, even if you aren’t tech-savvy enough.

The image size can range from 32 inches to 170 inches with a throw distance of 1m to 5m making it quite easy to fill in a decent size room. Which is phenomenal, given how small it is in design.

For auditory sensation, you can confidently rock the stereo system of the built-in speakers which are immensely crisp and movies feel incredibly pleasant.

Moreover, taking a peek at its eco-friendly side, this projector surely catches the attention with its 55000 hours of lamp life conservation system, saving you a pretty penny in maintenance.

In terms of connectivity, you can use the old School VGA ports for your older devices or go with the all-new HDMI digital interface, which supports devices like Playstation, XBOX, and desktops with no problem insight.

  • Incredibly eco-friendly
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Easy to set up
  • Small and compact
  • Lumen intensity isn’t that great

3: Asnishshhh Projector (Outdoor Movie Projector Under 100)


Just like the previous product mentioned in the list above,  this one also has pretty much the same attributes and features, except for the fact that it does quite well in the brightness department.

At first glance, the design-wise this super portable home theater doesn’t look like much because it has a very minimalist build with a sober finish, however, it surprised me with its color intensity and vibrancy.

The reason behind such stellar results is the fact that this projector comes with a 5000:1 contrast ratio with a 7500 Lux brightness ratio that literally blew me away which at such a price tag is a pretty praiseworthy attribute.

The LED light source works on the logic of light diffusion reflection technology which makes images appear extremely subtle and super toned, giving you a natural appearance of your imagery.

The fact that this projector also has a Bluetooth connectivity function simply makes this device extremely amazing and an attractive choice, especially for gamers because it has minimal delay times if you want to play your games.

Moreover, this 1080p native resolution-producing projector also has dual 10 Watt HI-FI built-in speakers which are pretty potent and produce loud noise even in large rooms.

From VGA to HDMI, this bad boy has its back panel cluttered with all sorts of useful ports which might come in handy to connect to devices like PlayStation, Xbox, desktops, and laptops.

In addition, it also comes with a 3-month return guarantee and 3 years of technical support, so if you come across any issues, the warranty period has you covered for a while.

  • The speakers quality is amazing
  • Bluetooth support
  • Easy to use
  • Focusing issues

4: GROVIEW Projector with 100” Projector Screen


This one is by far my favorite one on the list, it is sleek and compact and has plenty of amazing features that you cannot miss, however, it doesn’t have full 1080p support.

With the 6000Lux intensity ratio, the projector does quite well in dim-lit rooms and sometimes won’t even need the blinds to be turned on, however, the 720p resolution might bother some enthusiasts that want to bask in native 1080p resolution.

Nonetheless, the color gamut is simply outstanding and does deserve a round of applause because of the stellar 6000:1 contrast ratio which will leave you bewitched with its top-tier color vibrancy giving you that mouth-watering feel.

Moreover, there is a unique feature of a 50% zoom factor which means you can zoom your images without having them toned down or look pixelated, which is not only handy but also a mind-blowing feature.

This zoom attribute highly adds convenience as you can adjust your imagery without having to physically move your projector from one place to another.

And for sound support, you also get dual stereo speakers which have room blasting sound, ensuring you do get the bang for your buck, Literally!

And if you are fond of wireless connectivity, wait till you hear about the super speedy 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity which is super snappy and way better than Bluetooth 4 because of the fact that you won’t be dealing with lags of any sort.

As for the compatibility aspect, this projector can confidently connect to devices like Fire Tv, Roku Stick, and Apple Tv through its various ports like HDMI, VGA, AV, or USB, which is phenomenal.

  • Bluetooth 5 support
  • Stellar sound quality
  • Picture quality is top-notch
  • No WIFI support

5: TMY WiFi Projector


This no-nonsense Full HD resolution delivering projector is one amazing beast when it comes to price-to-value ratio, making it an optimal choice for budget users.

The projectors have a unique 3 Chip RGB calibration system that tunes in to give you a strong color output that doesn’t feel washed out or has any saturation issues.

Make sure you turn on the blinds and keep the room free from any sort of ambiance lighting otherwise you might see yourself struggling with the 180 ANSI Lumens of the projector

The 1080p native resolution output is quite serviceable and produces an image size of up to 100 inches which can be easily calibrated depending on the surface provided.

And if you dive down into the details, the contrast ratio isn’t bad either, the 5000:1 ratio ensures you don’t have any muddy or pixelated images appearing on the screen which looks horrendous if you are having focusing issues in the projector.

And as icing on the cake, this mini home theater also has a zoom factor as well as a keystone correction feature which means you won’t be running into any image calibration issues.

Moreover, just like every product on the list, this one also has built-in speakers, however, they aren’t that strong enough, so investing in external speakers might be a good idea.

You can also use the assorted list of ports such as HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB to connect to devices like TV Stick, Roku Stick, and Chromecast with ease.

Henceforth, a lovely party treats especially for the young ones, this project can be set up in a matter of minutes and does support WIFI which means you don’t have to worry about going through the mess of cables all by yourself.

  • WIFI support
  • The picture quality is amazing
  • Decent contrast ratio
  • Brightness isn’t that great

6: TOPVISION Projector (Portable Mini Projector Under 100)


Last but not least is the TOPVISION projector which is reasonably priced and has everything you would be needing from a budget projector, except for WIFI.

It has a massive screen size ranging from 72 inches to 240 inches while having a throw distance of 9.2 ft, which makes it optimal for rooms that are quite spacious.

Moreover, through the LED light source, you can very well be assured that you get the best color output in your gaming sessions, school projects, or your movie nights, all credits due to the 6000:1 contrast ratio.

On the other hand, there are also built-in stereo speakers included, which do a serviceable job and can fill a small room pretty easily with their sound sensation.

The 1080p projector also creates jaw-dropping results which are far better than any other brands you might have seen due to 7500L which is more than enough if your rooms don’t have direct sunlight coming in.

And if by any chance you do run into any sort of calibration issues, you can easily tweak your horizontal and vertical image alignment through the 15-degree keystone correction feature, which is quite handy if you ask me.

There is no BlueTooth or WIFI support, which is the only downside of this slick and stylish projector and you might want to work your way through wired connectivity.

Speaking of connectivity, the projector rocks digital ports like HDMI as well as an Analog port like VGA for your old-school devices so you don’t have to worry about buying adapters from the store.

  • Top tier quality
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Sharp picture quality
  • No WIFI support

7: ELEPHAS Mini (Projector under 100 for iPhone)


Enough about wired connectivity, let’s get down to business with some wireless projection. The Elephas mini projector not only has fleeting attributes but also looks extremely stylish.

Enjoy the ultimate visual experience with the full HD 1080p resolution which has 24-bit true colors that don’t look over or undersaturated, giving you the true-life colors that your eyes deserve.

The maximum screen size of the imagery can be stretched up to 200 inches, so if you have a larger surface area, be assured you won’t be having any sort of problem with a throw distance of 2.64ft to 14.5ft

The only downside of this projector is the fact that its contrast ratio of 3500:1 isn’t quite a lot, which means you need to adjust your room settings to compensate for better picture quality.

However, the overall design and black color look extremely stylish and sober and will fit the decor of your home setting very well, the sound is also pretty loud enough to spice up your weekends with ease.

Furthermore, the heat reduction cooling system is amazing, keeping the hardware chilled at all possible times to ensure you don’t end up inevitably damaging your system.

And to conserve lamp life, the projector also has intelligent technology that prevents your lamp from burning its lifespan too quickly and keeps it running for roughly around 50000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about monthly maintenance.

It can be easily set up and connected to various applications like Fire Tv, Roku, and Chromecast through WIFI with a click of a button, however, if you aren’t a fan of input lags, then wired connection through ports like USB, VGA And HDMI does seem like a better option.

  • Stylish design
  • WIFI support options
  • The picture quality is superb
  • Copyright issues with streaming applications

Things to keep in mind when buying a projector

Price is not the only factor that you should consider when looking for the best projector under 100. There are other features that you should look for as well which will help you decide if a projector is worth your purchase.


The first thing you need to do is decide what you will be using the projector for. Whether you want it for business presentations or for movies at home, this will help you decide which features are important to you and narrow down your choices.

If you want a projector for business presentations, you will need one with a high-resolution and bright display so that your presentations look clear and professional. However, if you want a projector for movies at home, you can get away with a lower resolution and less bright display.

Imaging technology

The next thing you need to consider is imaging technology. The two most common types of imaging technology are DLP and LCD. DLP projectors use a chip with tiny mirrors to reflect light onto the screen. LCD projectors use a panel of liquid crystals to modulate the light and create the image.

LCD projectors are typically more expensive than DLP projectors, but they also have some advantages. LCD projectors tend to have better color accuracy and they are not susceptible to the “rainbow effect” that can sometimes occur with DLP projectors.


The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. The brighter the projector, the more expensive it will be. However, you don’t necessarily need a very bright projector. If you will be using the projector in a dark room, you can get away with a lower lumen rating.

If you will be using the projector in a room with ambient light, you will need a brighter projector. A good rule of thumb is to look for a projector with a lumen rating that is at least twice the square footage of the room. So, if you will be using the projector in a 10’x10’ room, you will need a projector with a lumen rating of at least 2000.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio is the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white that the projector can display. A higher contrast ratio means that the projector can display more subtle shades of color.

For business presentations, you will want a projector with a high contrast ratio so that your charts and graphs will be easy to read. For movies, a high contrast ratio is not as important because the dark scenes will typically be shown in a dark room.

Screen throw ratio

The screen throw ratio is the ratio of the distance between the projector and the screen to the width of the screen. A projector with a short-throw ratio will be able to project a larger image from a shorter distance. A projector with a long throw ratio will need to be further away from the screen to project a larger image.

If you have a small room, you will want a projector with a short-throw ratio so that you can place the projector close to the screen. If you have a large room, you will want a projector with a long throw ratio so that you can place the projector further away from the screen.


If you plan on using the projector in different locations, you will want a portable projector. Portable projectors are typically smaller and lighter than non-portable projectors. Some portable projectors even come with their own carrying case.

If you don’t plan on moving the projector around, you can save some money by choosing a non-portable projector.


The resolution of a projector is the number of pixels that make up the image. The higher the resolution, the more expensive the projector will be. However, you don’t necessarily need a very high-resolution projector.

If you will be using the projector for business presentations, you will want a projector with a resolution of at least 1024×768. If you will be using the projector for movies, you can get away with a lower resolution.

Lens Zoom

The zoom lens allows you to adjust the size of the image without moving the projector. A projector with a zoom lens will be more expensive than a projector without a zoom lens.

If you will be using the projector in different-sized rooms, you will want a projector with a zoom lens so that you can adjust the size of the image without moving the projector.

Dimension Of The Screen

The size of the screen is measured in inches. The larger the screen, the more expensive the projector will be.

If you will be using the projector in a small room, you will want a small screen. If you will be using the projector in a large room, you will want a large screen.


Most projectors have at least one HDMI port. Some projectors also have VGA, DVI, and/or USB ports.

If you will be connecting the projector to a computer, you will want a projector with an HDMI port. If you will be connecting the projector to a Blu-ray player, you will want a projector with an HDMI port.

If you are not sure what type of ports you will need, you should choose a projector with multiple types of ports. That way, you will be able to connect the projector to any type of device.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of the screen to the height of the screen. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9.

If you will be using the projector for business presentations, you will want a projector with a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you will be using the projector for movies, you will want a projector with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

There are some projectors that have a native resolution of 1920×1080. These projectors are called 1080p projectors. 1080p projectors are more expensive than lower-resolution projectors.

If you will be using the projector for business presentations, you don’t need a 1080p projector. If you will be using the projector for movies, you might want a 1080p projector.


Before you buy a projector, you should know the answers to the following questions.

Q: What is lamp life?

A: The lamp life is the number of hours that the projector’s lamp will last. The average lamp life is 3000 hours.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of LCD and DLP projectors?

A: LCD projectors have better color reproduction than DLP projectors. However, DLP projectors are typically smaller and lighter than LCD projectors.

Q: What are some of the most common problems with projectors?

A: The most common problems with projectors are image distortion, image blur, and image ghosting. You can avoid these problems by buying a high-quality projector.

Q: Is the throw ratio and throw distance the same?

A: No, the throw ratio is the ratio of the width of the image to the distance from the projector to the screen. The throw distance is the distance from the projector to the screen.

Final verdict

I know at this time and age finding the best cheap projector under 100 bucks is not an easy job especially if you are a busy individual that doesn’t want to surf the market just to get your hands on the right product that will serve them days to come.

This is why I have curated this “all you need list” so that you can get easy access to the best cherry-picked cheap projectors without having to go through the hassle, just like I did.

Anyhow, feel free to comment below if you have any sort of issues, as I would be happy to help.

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