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The phrase “The Sky is the limit” is highly underrated when it comes to art because there shouldn’t be any boundaries to your creativity, since it is a gift not everyone has.

To get straight to the point, there are plenty of forms of art that would seem mindblowing to achieve because of how beautifully it is crafted, however, not every artist creates their designs from scratch and most of them need some sort of assistance.

To further elaborate, street artists like the ones that create Graffiti or murals whether it’s for recreational purposes or to pay respect to someone usually need some sort of scale or shaping tool to guide them while performing sketches that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

While some may argue that it might be considered a form of cheating and refuse to recognize mural creation as an art through the help of guidance of light projection, I would say otherwise, because it still requires some form of skill to achieve.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or a seasoned artist that wants to shine their skills to the world, using a projector to create murals is one of the best techniques you can ever have in your arsenal.

7 Best Projector For Murals in 2023

Although projectors do come at a hefty cost and not everyone can afford them, keep the panic mode to a minimum yet because I have curated a lovely list of the best projector for murals that have a splendid price-to-value ratio with all the multifarious features you can get your hands on.

So why waste time, let’s jump into my delightful list of projectors that would help you achieve mind-blowing and accurate graffiti that will fill your need.

1: Artograph EZ Tracer Opaque (Best Projector For Murals)

Breaking the ice with our top pick, the Artograph EZ tracer Opaque Art projector which is highly compact and can almost fit anywhere so you don’t have to worry about it being too big for your backpack.

Its 163mm optical glass lens can zoom images up to 10 times so you can easily work on your projects which require plenty of handiwork and are usually too thin, so zooming it in helps a lot and makes work for artists really easier.

The only flaw of this nifty and smart art projector is that it doesn’t have a light bulb included and you have to separately purchase it which might be a little annoying for some users that are tight on a budget.

Moreover, it is super easier to use and doesn’t require any installation time all you have to do is place it on a design and it will enlarge the projection onto any canvas right off the bat.

 So if any artist is looking for convenience and no hurdles in their work, there is no better option than this projector.

Although I found it hard to use it in decently-lit rooms as this projector needs pitch black darkness to work properly due to its low light intensity bulb requirements, nonetheless it is one of the top-tier quality projectors you can find at this price range.

That being said, the projector shines best when kept at 2 feet range and produces ultra-crisp images that have a 4 x 4 output format which is more than enough to produce decent-sized murals.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t include a lightbulb

2: ‎BIGASUO Pro302 Projector

Simply groovy, BIGASUO Pro302 is something that will exceed your expectation, this brand produces phenomenal quality projectors.

One of the best aspects of this projector is that it supports 1080p resolution and has an 8000:1 contrast ratio which gives perfect outlines of images.

With this projector, you can create fine art with minimal skills required and whether it’s home decor or a mural, you would have images full of clarity created at a minute’s notice without any errors.

Moreover, there are also fleeting features available that make this multimedia device highly versatile such as coated lenses, super decoding ability,  focus lens, and ±15° keystone correction.

The projector has a 200 inches projection display and supports all sorts of popular file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

What makes this product special is the fact that you can use discs to project images. This projector gives 90 days refund and 3 years service warranty.

In terms of connectivity, the art projector has USB and HDMI ports and weighs only 2.20 pounds, while having so many unique features, which if you ask me, is more than impressive at this price range.


  • Top-tier customer support
  • Jaw-dropping quality
  • Has DVD player


  • Doesn’t support Blu-Ray disc.

3: JIFAR H6 Projector

Why settle for puny projectors that aren’t worth the money when you can get an industrial-grade Jifar H6 1080P projector which produces ground-shattering results?

There is no better alternative when it comes to a projector that produces 4k projection with higher resolution with no haziness or pixelation for bigger landscape artwork creation, this projector has a lovely output of 1080p imagery, which makes it an ideal option for investment.

Since this product has 15000Lux brightness, you wouldn’t be worried about ambient lighting ruining your progress as the high-intensity light projections make it really easier for the user to work almost anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

Moreover, it also comes with a manual keystone correction, which makes the installation of a projector a breeze since you wouldn’t have to look for flat surfaces to place your projector to produce your masterpiece of handiwork.

And to top it off, the the100%-50% Zoom Function enables the consumer to zoom in on any little details that might not be visible while working under standard orientation, which makes it highly suitable for studio and professional work.

Furthermore, if you are an individual that always faces issues or doesn’t have ample experience with electronics, then there is no better option than this projector as it comes with 6- month back and 2-year repair, lifetime professional technical support that will provide you with undivided attention and technical care.


  • High brightness Lumens Aspect ratio
  • Native 1080 resolution
  • Has Zoom function


  • Manual keystone support

4: CiBest Outdoor Projector for murals

If the JIFAR 1080p projectors don’t grab your attention then don’t worry as we have thrown another 1080p native resolution projector into the list which is equally powerful and has the same price-to-value ratio.

Not only is this projector highly suitable for art projects but it can be also used for entertainment purposes such as watching movies and playing video games in your leisure time.

Speaking of art projects, you can never go wrong while investing in this product since this projector has an advanced 1080p native resolution output with razor-sharp accurate colors and image projections that will leave you mesmerized.

To be honest, as per my personal experience, I have yet to see such an amazing color tone that is produced by a projector, all thanks to the top-tier contrast ratio of 6000:1 which is a feature you would find elsewhere at such a price point.

Furthermore, given how huge murals can get, you wouldn’t be worried about size, since this projector can create mind-blowing projections that range from 30 inches to 200 inches with dazzling results.

Moreover, you would be wondering that all these features must make this projector super heavy but let me tell you that you would be amazed to know that it only weighs around 2.8 pounds which highly enhances the portability aspect, making it easier to carry it everywhere.

To seal the deal, their product also has an amazing 18-months money refunding policy with lifetime technical care support, leaving almost no reason not to invest in it.


  • Super crisp image output
  • Premium build quality
  • Very lightweight


  • No wireless support

5: ‎FANGOR 1080P HD Portable Projectors

If you are an artist or a freelancer that often travels a lot, then the Fangor-506 projector that I personally suggest should be in your “must-have” category.

Given how poor portable projectors perform outdoors due to the low contrast ratio, this one will blow you away with its apex level 10000:1 contrast aspect that creates eye-candy images without watering down the quality.

Not only is it perfect for indoors, but you can also use this multimedia art-creating machine in your backyard to fabricate banners, murals, and graffiti with its native resolution 1080p display output.

And if you are someone that is looking to invest money to get convenience in return, then worry not because not only can this projector be set up in little to no time but can also be placed almost everywhere.

Just like the previous product in the list, this one also has a screen projection size of max 230 inches which produces satisfactory results.

And if you are an old-school artist and working with older devices or laptops that have an analog interface such as VGA, then fret not because this projector fully supports all sorts of interfaces ranging from HDMI, USB, and VGA.

As icing on the cake, you can also utilize the built-in speakers and blast some stereo music while creating some over-the-top artwork or making NFTs. Overall, in my opinion, this is a flawless product and well worth the money.


  • Plenty of interfaces
  • Dual speaker support
  • Scrumptious price 


  • For a clear image, it need to be straight

6: AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector

If you reached this point, I believe none of the products above has sparked your attention, maybe due to them being bulky or too expensive, but the AKASO mini projector will surprise you once you check its specifications.

Although I have to admit that fancy features and name tags don’t matter if you can’t move your equipment everywhere as heavier electronics tend to cause plenty of hassle and hindrance in performance and productivity.

However, that is not the case with this super thin and compact DLP projector that only weighs a mind-numbing 0.46 pounds which is unbelievable given Its size dimension is 5.51*2.71*0.62 inches.

Given how small and nifty it is, this lovely art companion can fit almost any pocket and has multiple screen-sharing support making it highly versatile for almost any situation.

Unlike LCD-backed projectors, this one has DLP technology which produces mouth-watering colors with super sharp output with no fade-outs, so you can easily outline your artwork with ease.

You can also connect this device wirelessly through WIFI connectivity and Bluetooth, moreover, if you don’t want to deal with input lag, you can also opt-out for a wired connection with plenty of device compatibilities such as laptops or smartphones.

Personally, the 50 ANSI Lumen brightness has blown me away with how well it performs especially in dim light and the rechargeable battery combination makes this projector well worth every penny that you invest in it.


  • Super small and lightweight 
  • Wireless support
  • Has rechargeable battery


  • Questionable customer support

7: AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Projector

The last contender in the list is the AAXA technologies PICO projector that fits in the palm and has convenience and portability written all over it.

For a projector that only requires 6 watts of power input, it truly is a marvelous piece of hardware to produce such vibrant colors through its LED light source.

Although some individuals might argue that the 25 ANSI lumens might not be enough for outdoor projectors as per my personal experience I have had no objection to the result this mini projector produces, leaving me completely satisfied.

It also has a maximum resolution output of 1080p while 720p is the native resolution that produces image sizes ranging up to 60 inches which can be deemed serviceable.

The small piece of perfection weighs only 0.5 pounds and has interfaces like Mini HDMI, AV port, and USB port as well as a full-fledged SD card slot reader, however, there is no wireless support such as Bluetooth or WIFI.

It also supports plenty of devices such as smartphones and desktops and can be instantly connected through plug-and-play features. Moreover, it also supports a wide array of file formats with ease.

Leaving no room for flaws, the PICO projector is by far my favorite portable companion to use due to its lightweight design and super sharp and highly accurate image-producing results.


  • Includes rechargeable battery
  • Very lightweight and easy to set up
  • Budget-friendly


  • Poor customer support
  • Focusing issues


Before we finish up let us see some useful questions with answers.

Q: What are some of the benefits of using a projector for mural art?

A: Some of the benefits of using a projector for mural art include the ability to easily and quickly trace or project an image onto a wall or surface, as well as the ability to adjust the size of the image without having to redraw it. Additionally, projectors can help create a more realistic and three-dimensional effect when painting murals.

Q: What factors should you consider when choosing a projector for mural work?

A: When choosing a projector for mural work, you should consider the brightness of the projector, as well as the contrast ratio and native resolution. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the projector you choose is compatible with the type of paint you will be using.

Q: Are there any downsides to using a projector for this type of work?

A: One potential downside to using a projector for mural work is that the image can be distorted if the projector is not placed in the correct position. Additionally, if the projector is not properly calibrated, the colors in the projected image may not be accurate.

Q: How many lumens do you need for a projector to be effective for mural art?

A: In general, you will want a projector with at least 1,000 lumens for mural work. However, the specific brightness you need will depend on the size of the area you are working on, as well as the level of ambient light in the room.

Final verdict

The world of technology is no doubt at a sudden pace and there is no denying that it has taken upon our lives for the comfort and betterment of our future. Although projectors or any form of stencil usage is frowned upon in the art community, I wholeheartedly endorse the products listed above due to the convenience they can provide to an artist for both recreational and professional purposes.

That being said, each and every product listed is worth the investment, however, it is up to you to decide whichever suits you well and your work style.

I hope this article has removed any indecisiveness you have had because I have tried my level best to find the best projector for murals.

Feel free to let me know if you have queries in the comment section as I will be happy to help.

As the creator and sole writer of ProjectorTime.com, I specialize in researching and writing about the latest projectors, providing unbiased information to help you make informed decisions. I also address projector-related questions and offer solutions to common issues.

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