How To Make 7D Hologram Projector

You might be familiar with the term “Hologram” which was originally generated from Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars, Men in Black, and the infamous Marvel Movie Iron Man.

Despite being too good to be true, Hologram is a real technology if appropriate machinery is used to generate objects, shapes, and abstracts through augmented reality.

As previously said, it could be of any sort and can be created by manipulating the wavelength of light in order to look real, even though it doesn’t have any mass or solid structure supporting it.

Given the technology, such light manipulation can only be done through light-emitting hardware known as a projector which we all know excels greatly to create 2D or 3D structures.

Since we live in a 3D dimension, creating something higher than our dimension can not only be challenging but also pretty much unlikely.

Because, in theory, there is no such thing as a higher dimension hologram, especially the ones like 7D which could boast photorealistic images from all possible angles that could be seen by the naked eye.

The reason I use the term “Naked eye” is because of the fact that the human eye is not able to perceive lightwave length in more than a 3D form, and either viewing and creating lightwaves is a thing much more applicable in an augmented reality or a virtual reality.

If you want to replicate this technology by yourself, here is how you can make a 7D hologram projector, be advised viewing them might require you to wear augment optics of some sort.

How To Make 7d Hologram Projector

So now that you have a general understanding of what a 7D hologram is, let’s take a look at the mechanism behind it.

A 7D hologram is a general term vaguely used for a 3D or 2D hologram with added auditory or olfactory attributes or sensations.

And in order to replicate it, you would be needing a special projector called Helium-Neon Laser Projector which can bend and refract light onto a surface to give you a taste of the 7th dimension, however wearing something like an Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest 2 is mandatory.

How To Achieve Auditory And Olfactory Sensation

To make your hologram in the 7th Dimension, you would be requiring certain equipment such as an artificial Fog Emitter, a motion creation device that would be in sync with your imagery, and even water sprinklers and smell replicators in order to look and feel as photorealistic as possible.

These attributes will turn your 3D hologram into a 7D while you are viewing it through optics to give you a literal taste while staying in the comfort of your studio or home.

Be advised, all this equipment is extremely expensive and is premature enough to barely give you the same sensation as you would in your Sci-Fi movies.

So keep your hopes low and don’t expect full-fledged 7D videos and images that could be viewed with the naked eye.

Which Projectors Can I Use For 7D Holograms?

In general, to replicate these holograms by yourself, you can use these projectors which are perfectly fit for 3D mapping and could possibly generate your 7D images by combining other equipment mentioned above.

  • Lg Cinebeam Hu70lsb 4k Uhd Projector
  • Nebula Mars Ii Pro
  • Optoma Zk1050 4k Uhd Laser Projector
  • Galaxy Projector Pro

The above-mentioned projectors have laser light with Intensity Lumen brightness to counteract any ambient lighting with ease. Although expensive, they are well worth the money if you want to create a studio or organize an event.

Final Word

To sum it up, let’s hope for the best projector companies to come up with something that could be actually called 7D images rather than an augmented reality manipulated through other attributes. Nonetheless, you would still be needing something to view it because the human brain cannot possibly function and view light rays in dimensions bigger than 3D.

Because most certainly, without a doubt, far from replicating something out of a sci movie with pinpoint accuracy.

That being said, I hope you may have gained plenty of knowledge on how to make a 7D hologram projector by yourself or how the mechanism behind it is operated. 

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