Epson 3200 Vs 3800 – Which One is Best?

Seiko Epson Corporation hails from the lands of japan which are mostly known for high-tech engineering that is more than praiseworthy.

The company has been operating since 1942 and has mastered the art of creating different sorts of electronic devices such as timepieces, printers, and inkjets.

However, Epson has made quite a name in creating projectors that we all know because of their top-tier quality which made them infamous all across the globe.

Although you might argue that the marketplace is littered with HD projector brands that are far better than Epson projectors, I choose to agree otherwise and conclude that the projectors made by this company have almost no parallel. That’s why In this article, we will review Epson 3200 Vs 3800 projectors. These are two great home theater projectors made by Epson.

Epson 3200 Vs 3800 – Which One is Best?

To give you better hindsight, today in this article I have carefully demonstrated the two Epson home cinema models, the 3200 and 3800.

And despite both of them having very minor differences at first glimpse, my guide of dissection with in-depth detail will uncover that there are most certainly quite a lot of differences between 3200 and 3800.

Please keep in mind that this article in no way shape or form is written to bash the brand and point out any flaws or cause a bias against a specific model and is rather written for educational purposes.

So if by any chance you want to make a commitment to spend your money and cannot decide between these two models, this article can act as a cornerstone to help you better make the right decision for yourself.

Epson 3200 Vs 3800 Shoulder-to-Shoulder Comparison

Differences In Both Varients

Let’s start with their differences then we will see the similarities.

1: Weight and Design

Although there are minuscule differences between both the models, the 3800 feels more rugged and sturdy and the quality aspect is a tad bit better because it is the renewed version of the former model.

Moreover, with the added specifications which I will mention below, the 3800 is still slightly heavier and weighs approximately 15.2  pounds.

On the other hand, the 3200 is the lighter version and has a weight measurement of 14.6 pounds or 6.62 kilograms.

However, the dimension specifications of both of these variants remain the same as both of them have 12.99 x 16.14 x 6.46 inches.

Light Weight: Epson 3200

Better Design: Epson 3800

2: Thermal Design Power (TDP)

As for power consumption, the 3800 is quite a power-hungry device and has 406 watts of power in order to fully function. 

While the 3200 is power efficient due to lesser components used, requires 386 watts of power to perform tasks in their optimal state.

Lower Power Consumption: Epson 3200

3: Lumens And Color output Delivery

The real difference shows up while comparing the brightness aspect and the contrast ratio of both of these models, which is like comparing day and night.

You can easily tell them apart from their results of image output because the 3800 is the superior version that has a 100000: 1 Contrast ratio and 3000 Lumen rating. Which gives great picture quality and color accuracy.

The 3200, being an undertone version, has a 2900 Lumen rating and a 40,000:1 contrast ratio.

Although both of these models withstand the ambient light quite finely, the color output and picture quality of 3800 in my opinion feel much more luxurious and mouth-watering because it looks extremely vibrant due to the massive contrast ratio.

Better Picture Quality: Epson 3800

4: Sound System 

Another noticeable feature that makes the 3800 variant different in both price points, as well as the weight dimension, is the fact that it comes with built-in speakers which are considerably well-built and have decent sound quality.

However, the 3200 being lighter due to the absence of built-in speakers doesn’t have any integrity sound source and compels you to invest in external speakers, which to be honest is a better approach because you get to have a dedicated auditory sensation with much better quality than the integrated ones.

Better Sound Quality: Epson 3800

5: Gaming Performance

Let’s see Epson 3200 vs 3800 for gaming performance. Epson 3200 has a few things going for it that make it a great projector for gaming. First, it has a low input lag of around 16ms. This means that there won’t be any significant delay between your controller input and what you see on the screen. Epson 3200 has a fast refresh rate of 60Hz, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy smooth gameplay with minimal screen tearing.

Epson 3800, on the other hand, also has a refresh rate of 60Hz and an input lag of around 33ms. This means that the Epson 3800 isn’t quite as good as Epson 3200 for gaming, but it’s still playable.

Better Gaming Performance: Epson 3200

6: Presentation Performance

For presentations, some factors you’ll want to consider are contrast ratio and brightness. Epson 3200 has a contrast ratio of 40,000:1 and a brightness of 2, 900 lumens.

Epson 3800 has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and a brightness of 3, 000 lumens. This means that the Epson 3800 is the better choice for presentations. It has a higher contrast ratio, which will make your presentation look more dynamic, and it’s slightly brighter, which will help your presentation be visible in a well-lit room.

Better Presentation Performance: Epson 3800

7: Movie Performance

Epson 3200 and 3800 both have 4K resolution and support HDR content. But, the difference in contrast ratio is going to be noticeable when watching movies As mentioned above, the Epson 3200 has a contrast ratio of 40,000:1 while Epson 3800 has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

This means that Epson home cinema 3800 is going to provide better detail in both the dark and light areas of the image. In brightness, the Epson 3200 is also less at 2, 900 lumens while Epson 3800 is 3, 000 lumens. So Epson 3800 will provide a slightly brighter image.

Better Movie Performance: Epson 3800

8: Price Difference

Personally, I believe, the 3200 comes up as a potential winner when compared with the 3800 because not only is the former variant cheaper but delivers a better price-to-value ratio percentage.

Especially if you aren’t fond of projectors with built-in speakers and want to invest in your own sound system.

Lower Price: Epson 3200

Similarities In Both Variants

Now that you are well aware of the differences between both these models, here are some similarities.

1: Resolution and Chip Technology

Both of these models utilize the same 3 Chip LCD technology through which the color and image processing takes place.

Moreover, the resolution output also remains the same and delivers up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution with two-phase pixel shift technology that prevents any color compression and gives a sweet broad spectrum of colors to the eyes of consumers.

2: Aspect Ratio

The native aspect ratio of both of these variants is 16:9 and supports up to 16:10 and 4:3 respectively.

3: Color Depth

Moreover, the color depth also feels similar because both of them have 10 bits (1.07 billion colors) that are projected when producing an output on the projection screen.

Epson 3200

Now, let’s look at the products separately. Epson 3200 is a great product. Epson 3200 is a 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR. This means it can project in 4K and has a high dynamic range.

3200 Epson projector supports full 10-bit HDR, which is great because it means it can accept 100 percent of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an amazing visual performance.

It also has Epson Precision Lens, which utilizes a multi-element precision glass structure for outstanding image clarity and edge-to-edge focus uniformity. It includes vertical and horizontal axis lens shift adjustment.

Epson 3200 has a contrast ratio of 40000: 1 with 2900 lumens brightness. It has a projection screen size of 150″ which gives a large image size.

Apt Bluetooth is also included in Epson 3200, for easy, wireless connectivity to external sound systems.

Lastly, Epson 3200 has Active 3D support, which offers support for high-performance, active 3D glasses to faithfully reproduce all the source 3D information to maximize the visual effects.

  • Epson 3200 is a 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR.
  • Epson 3200 supports full 10-bit HDR.
  • Has Lower input lag.
  • Epson 3200 has Epson Precision Lens shift.
  • Apt Bluetooth is included in Epson 3200.
  • No built-in speaker

Epson 3800

As we have seen earlier Epson 3800 has some similar features to Epson 3200. Epson 3800 is a 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR which is the same as Epson 3200. Epson 3800 also supports full 10-bit HDR and has an Epson Precision Lens shift. Which helps in vertical lens shift as well as horizontal lens shift. It has the same projection screen size of 150″ and has 3D support.

However, the Epson 3800 has some different and improved features. Epson 3800 has a better contrast ratio of up to 100, 000: 1 with higher brightness of 3000 lumens for rich black detail. It also has 10w built-in stereo speakers and apt Bluetooth.

  • Epson 3800 is a 4K HDR.
  • Epson 3800 supports full 10-bit HDR.
  • Has Built in speaker.
  • Has 3D support same as 3200
  • Has higher input lag than 3200


Here are some commonly asked questions that might help.

Q: Epson 3200 vs 3800 projectors, which is better?

A: It really depends on what you need and what your budget is. If you need a projector for business presentations or for watching movies in a dark room, then the Epson 3800 is a great choice. It has a higher contrast ratio and is brighter than the 3200, making it better for those uses. If you want a projector for gaming or for watching movies at home, then the Epson 3200 is a better choice because it has lower input lag. It has good image quality and is very affordable.

Q: Epson 3200 or 3800, which projector is better for 3D movies?

A: The Epson 3800 is the better choice for 3D movies. It has a higher contrast ratio and is brighter, making it easier to see the 3D images. So, it is better for bright cinemas as well as 3D movies.

Q: Will an Epson 3200 work with a Mac computer?

A: Yes, the Epson 3200 is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

Q: Does Epson 3800 support Arc?

A: No, Epson 3800 does not support the ARC.

Bottom Line

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about the differences and similarities between 3200 vs 3800 Epson home cinema projectors. Moreover, I hope you also have grasped a rough idea of which one will be better suitable for your needs if you are going to purchase any of these two.

If you are still confused, I would be happy to help, just ping me in the comment section below!

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